Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Long Goodbye to a Real Dick

That prick, Cheney, a real Dick, has been making the rounds of the pundit programs, still completely deluded (and deluding, to some), claiming for example that history will judge the last eight years favorably to the Bushies. He justifies torture as a constitutional right and argues with critics who claim he expanded vice-presidential powers far beyond what the founders intended. Now that his "boss" (actually, his ward), George W. has remade himself by trading the Crawford digs (out in the open and easy to block air space) for a trendy Dallas exurb, thus letting down everyone who thought he was a puppet cowboy, Cheney looks for all the world like living proof of the theory that he actually ran the government, while Rove and Dubya plotted their political futures.

In fact, I should think it perfectly obvious that when Obama takes over in January, he is actually taking on powers from a vice-president (or is that President of Vice?), not a president. One thinks back to the days when hemophilic kings were put to things like clock collecting while a regent ran the country. Shrub is now being called "a cheerleader," a reference to this good ol' boy's brewsky broad-hunting days in places like Midland, Texas. Dubya was, in fact, a cheerleader.

Time will tell if Dick is ever brought to the High Court of Justice for his violations both of the Constitution and international law -- waterboarding is just the tip of the iceberg. But if I were he I would not make too many foreign trips. To easy to became the next Pinochet.

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