Sunday, November 12, 2006

P.S. The Real John McCain

A while back, noting that Sen. John McCain made a commencement speech at Larry Faultwell's so-called "university," and pointing out that, earlier, he had denounced Faultwell for his crypto-Nazi sentiments, I suggested that this was an instance of McCain showing his true colors -- those of a colossal hypocrite. I kept wondering why no one -- at least, none of the pundits -- brought this to McCain's attention, confronting him on the flip-flop, which was so obviously made to curry favor in the ranks of the religious (and bigoted) right. When I wrote the blog, I had to cast about for a paraphrase of exactly how McCain had put it. He had linked Faultwell, Robber'sson, and one or two other Jesus freak loonies together and characterized their behavior as downright anti-American. This morning, however, McCain appeared on Meet the Press, and, finally, someone confronted his hypocritical turn, Tim Russert. Russert reminded us of what it was McCain had said about Faultwell &c. -- that they were "agents of intolerance." And he pointed out that McCain had flip-flopped when he made his appearance on stage with Faultwell. McCain's lame-ass answer: "He came by my office in Washington and wanted to make amends." Yeah, sure.

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